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  • TEKsystems, Inc
  • Posted: 11/09/2023
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    Job Summary

    Job Title: Project Manager
    Company: Leading E-commerce Company in Japan
    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Position Overview:
    Are you ready to lead projects that shape the future of e-commerce in Japan? We are seeking highly skilled Project Managers to join our dynamic team at one of Japan's largest internet shopping malls.
    As a Project Manager, you will be responsible for a wide range of projects, from specific development initiatives for various e-commerce services to strategic projects that drive our overall business strategy. This role offers the opportunity to collaborate directly with executives and challenge yourself to take on higher levels of responsibility.

    Key Responsibilities:
    • Project Planning: Set project goals, create milestones and critical paths, plan internal and external dependencies, budget, and schedules.
    • Project Execution: Oversee project delivery, manage progress, make critical decisions, track tasks, ensure quality, and manage budgets and costs. Implement change management as needed.
    • Communication Management: Manage stakeholders, facilitate communication among project team members, and provide regular reporting on project progress.
    • Risk Management: Identify and address project risks and issues, finding effective solutions to keep projects on track.
    • Future Leadership: The potential for managing the Project Managers' Organization in the future.

    • Strong Leadership: Demonstrated ability to lead teams and projects effectively.
    • Problem Solving and Risk Handling: Proven capability to solve complex issues and handle project risks.
    • Decision Making and Judgement: Ability to make critical decisions under pressure.
    • Perseverance under High Pressure: Maintain composure and drive results in high-pressure situations.
    • Effective Communication: Skill in maintaining smooth and accurate communication among various stakeholders, including Project Owners, Business Representatives, Product Managers, and Developers.
    • 3+ Years of Experience: A minimum of 5 years of experience in managing internet service development projects/programs.

    • Organization Management: Previous experience in managing teams or organizations.
    • Web System Development: Experience working as a web system developer.
    • Product Management: Knowledge of product management principles.
    • Production Operation: Experience in the production operation of internet services.
    • Collaboration: Proven ability to work directly with software engineers, product managers, and business partners.
    Join us in pushing the boundaries of innovation in e-commerce and be part of a team that thrives on challenges. If you're excited about leading impactful projects and driving the future of e-commerce, do not hesitate to apply!