Site Reliability Engineer/ DevOps

  • TEKsystems, Inc
  • Posted: 08/02/2024
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    Job Summary

    Job Description: Senior Site Reliability Engineer / DevOps Engineer (8+ years) (Bilingual English and Japanese Proficiency Required) 

    About the Role:
    We are seeking an experienced Senior Site Reliability Engineer / DevOps Engineer with a minimum of 8 years of expertise to join our dynamic engineering team. If you are passionate about prop-tech evolution in Japan and thrive in collaborative environments, we invite you to contribute to our growing team. As the senior SRE/DevOps, you will be instrumental in ensuring the availability, performance, and reliability of our systems, with a strong emphasis on security measures.


    1. Lead and Manage: Take a leadership role in the full lifecycle of services, overseeing system and enterprise architecture, release processes, and software deployment automation.

    2. Monitor and Improve: Continuously monitor and enhance system health, scalability, and reliability through the introduction of new technologies and tools, ensuring adaptability for a growing team.

    3. Architectural Vision: Provide a strategic vision for service architecture evolution, concentrating on scalability and reliability, considering the unique challenges of a growing team operating in the prop-tech industry for the local market.

    4. Security Assessments: Conduct thorough security assessments of third-party software and libraries, contributing to the overall security landscape assessment, and recognizing the critical role security plays in a growing organization dealing with a high volume of transaction data, including privacy information.

    5. Incident Response Management: Lead effective incident response management, considering system and enterprise architecture impact, and create resilience and recovery strategies tailored for our growing team handling domestic member-facing applications, websites, and internal key function software.

    6. Mentorship: If applicable, mentor and provide guidance to potential junior team members or cross-functional colleagues, fostering a culture of security awareness and knowledge sharing.


    Must Have:

    1. Experience: 8+ years of experience in software engineering, systems engineering, or a related field, with a strong focus on security.

    2. AWS Proficiency: Proven, hands-on experience architecting and supporting complex AWS infrastructures, leveraging expertise to make strategic decisions for a growing-scale setup.

    3. IaC Mastery: Expert knowledge of infrastructure as code (IaC) tools, recognizing their efficiency in growing teams and their role in achieving automation or efficiency goals.

    4. Coding Proficiency: Proficiency in secure coding practices and common programming languages.

    5. Communication Skills: Strong communication and interpersonal skills, recognizing the importance of clear communication in a tight-knit team.

    Nice to Have:

    1. Security Expertise: Experience with security assessment tools, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing methodologies.

    2. Regulatory Understanding: Understanding of regulatory compliance requirements in the tech industry, recognizing the potential impact on a growing organization navigating Japan's market regulatory landscape.

    3. Typed Language Experience: Experience programming in a typed language, adding versatility to the skill set.

    4. Identity and Authentication Knowledge: Knowledge of OAuth2, OIDC, SCIM, and SAML, considering the potential need for authentication and identity management in a growing team handling user access or authentication requirements.

    As the sole or primary Senior SRE/DevOps in our growing but dynamic organization, you excel in fast-paced environments, leading with a collaborative spirit. Your passion lies in shaping and enhancing services, and you're dedicated to fostering a culture of security awareness and knowledge sharing in a tight-knit team operating in Japan's prop-tech top brand business.