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  • Posted: 28/12/2023
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    Job Summary

    Job Title: System Administrator / Platform Server Engineer

    Experience: Minimum 2 years in System/Windows/Linux Administration 
    Language Skills: Fluent in Japanese and English (Business level)

    1. Monitoring and Support:
    • Monitor and support daily jobs running on the production system.
    • Resolve issues with applications running in real-time in a live environment.
    • Ensure the reliability of services by mitigating the impact on the production system.

    2. Technical Support:
    • Provide technical support for code releases, environment upgrades, and configuration changes.
    • Troubleshoot issues related to servers, networks, and applications.
    • Collaborate with Infrastructure, Server, Network, and Application Development teams.

    3. Incident Response:
    • Participate in and organize incident response activities.
    • Execute incident management procedures to minimize downtime and impact.

    4. Troubleshooting Skills:
    • Utilize strong troubleshooting experience in a production system environment.
    • Debug applications, identify slow database performance, and react appropriately.
    • Address issues such as memory leakage, CPU overload, and server-related problems.

    5. Scripting Skills:
    • Use scripting languages (Powershell, Java, Shell, Bash, Python) to automate routine tasks and operations.

    6. Database Management:
    • Demonstrate a strong understanding of databases, including SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.
    • Troubleshoot database-related issues and manage data storage and retrieval.

    7. Multilingual Communication:
    • Communicate effectively in both Japanese and English, providing technical support and collaborating with cross-functional teams.

    1. Incident Management: Strong incident management skills with the ability to troubleshoot issues in a production system.
    2. Operating Systems: Proficiency in Windows and Linux operating systems.
    3. Scripting: Expertise in scripting languages, including Powershell, Java, Shell, Bash, and Python.
    4. Database Skills: Strong database skills, including SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.
    5. Cloud Experience (Nice to Have): Experience with cloud migration, particularly in Azure and AWS. Familiarity with Lambda, Docker, and CI/CD pipelines.
    6. Additional Skills (Nice to Have): Mainframe skills, including JCL handling.
    7. Server Platforms: Proficiency in server administration for both Linux and Windows environments. (Automation and Networking Knowledge) 
    8. Kubernetes experience 
    9. Some project/task management experience 

    • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field or equivalent work experience.
    • Minimum 5 years of experience in System/Windows/Linux Administration.
    • Strong problem-solving and communication skills.
    • Cloud migration and additional skills (nice to have).

    How to Apply:
    Submit your Resumes to and let us discuss on a quick call or WhatsApp to +81-03-4588-7442